Providing Landlord or Home Owner Gas Safety Certificates to all areas of Liverpool

All rental properties are required by the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations of 1998 to hold a valid Gas Safety Record (CP12 form). A gas safety check is required by law annually and must be issued by a Gas SafeĀ® Registered Engineer. All gas appliances in the property must be checked and the tenants have an obligation to be handed the Gas Safety Record by law.

Gas Safety Inspections

Ensure appliances are functioning correctly, and no carbon monoxide is being exhausted dangerously

Safety mechanisms are operating as expected

All ventilation paths are clear with no obstructions

Dangerous gases are being removed safely

Among various other inspections. Once successfully complete your Gas Safety certificate will detail the following:

  • direction

    The address of the property we inspected

  • warning

    Any defects which have been identified and the action which has been taken

  • id

    The registration number, name and signature of the engineer who performs the inspection

  • landlord

    The name of the Landlord and their address

  • boiler

    A description of each appliance/flue that has been inspected

If you are a landlord, you are held responsible by the Gas Safety (Installation & Use) Regulations of 1998 to ensure all gas appliances, flues and fittings in the property are deemed safe and working correctly. Poor maintenance and safety checks can result in extremely dangerous Carbon Monoxide being leaked. For example, if your flue is operating incorrectly it will not be efficiently removing the resulting gases from combustion.

As documented above, a Landlords Gas Safety check must be completed every 12 months. You must ensure maintenance and repairs of flues, pipework in the property and appliances. This only applies to appliances you supply to your tenant.

As a landlord, you must issue a copy to your tenant within a time frame of 28 days from the certificate being completed by a Gas SafeĀ® registered engineer. If you are a Landlord with multiple properties we may be able to offer a slightly discounted rate. Please contact us to discuss. If you require a gas safety certificate for the sale of a home we can help with this, these are often asked for by solicitors as part of the conveyancing process.

We currently carry out gas safety certificates for people who have international students studying at Liverpool School of English staying with them, this is one of their requirements. Also, we do gas safety certificates for foster carers.

Gas Safety Certificates | Domestic Gas Installation & Testing | Liverpool Gas Solutions
Gas Safety Certificates | Domestic Gas Installation & Testing | Liverpool Gas Solutions